Services Provided


South Florida Credit Link, will tailor our field call services to fit your needs, because we believe every client is unique and has different goals.

Our Key Services:

  • Customer field interviews.
  • Letter deliveries.
  • Loan modification field interviews.
  • Collateral Inspections.
  • Merchant Site Inspections.
  • Occupancy verification with door knock.
  • Drive by Inspections.
  • Pre-authorization inspections.

We will visit your customers at the address of your choice, either home or business.

We will update contact information, verify with neighbors and our main goal is to find your customer and put him or her in direct contact with your representative via phone at the time of chase, all at your request. All calls except designated business calls will be conducted within FDCPA time guidelines, which will be conducted during business hours. Should we not find anyone at the chased address, we will leave a letter in a sealed “Personal and Confidential” envelope on the door. We will provide photos of addresses on all our reports, unless you otherwise request.

If we do not list your needs here, please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.

If your business needs our services or if you have any inquiries or are undecided, please contact us and we will gladly discuss all the advantage of field call services.